● MinaGene’s NIPT is a simple, safe, and Non Invasive Prenatal Test that uses
advanced technology to evaluate fetal
● DNA in maternal blood to identify genetic variations leading to disorders
● which assures expectant parents with accurate genetic information about their baby

Helps identify fetuses at risk of
severe chromosomal abnormality.
● Gives reassurance to expecting
● This leads to better management
of a child’s genetic health by
providing early information.
● Prepares for birth and early
intervention wherever possible.
● Non-invasive and risk-free, helps
to avoid unnecessary
amniocentesis, making it entirely
safe for you and your baby.

Starting from week 10 of pregnancy

● You want to enjoy a healthy
● The woman is above 30 years of
● Certain abnormalities on
ultrasound are identified.
● There is a family history of
chromosomal abnormalities or birth
● Couples have had a child with a
chromosomal abnormality.
● A couple has a history of infertility
or miscarriages