About Us



Our Vision at Menagine

At Menagine, we believe that the quality of life begins with a deep understanding of genes. Our vision is to be a global research nucleus focused on genetic improvement for human public health and increased productivity in agriculture and animal sectors.

Our Plan

We plan to establish a specialized laboratory in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where we aim to provide advanced research in genetics. Additionally, we work on preparing specialized teams capable of finding effective solutions to current challenges and innovations to facilitate human life.

Values and Principles

At Menagine, we are committed to honesty, excellence, and innovation, believing that these values form the basis of our work and directions.

Partnerships and Collaboration

We build effective partnerships with other institutions and government entities to enhance knowledge and technology exchange in genetics.

Techniques and Methods

We use the latest technologies and methods in our research to ensure maximum accuracy and effectiveness.

Social Impact

We believe that research and innovations at Menagine positively impact society and the environment, contributing to improving the quality of life and a better understanding of genetics.

Certifications and Accreditations

We are proud of the accreditation from the American College of Pathologists for our specialists, ensuring the credibility of our research and services.